Top and Best Male Enhancement Pills Review – January 2018 Update

What Size Women Prefer

Our Best Male Enhancement Pills Review may help you to find the answer. Many women are attracted to the bigger size of a penis. Women can easily underestimate the small size of the fact that it creates low emotional involvement. A research conducted identified many men into an average size bracket with only a few having big and smaller size. Further, big and strong penises satisfy women emotions and they can proudly have a vaginal orgasm.

If you have a small size; this means sexual intercourse can get really boring. This size will always put you on the runSize Matter for having extra few inches to sign in a greater deal for positioning and penetration. Women will progressively cooperate in the bedroom if the small size gets enlarged as it will thereafter demonstrate reliable sex.

Penis performance and its beauty lie in the eye of the beholder. Boosting your erection creates the right pressure to pursue a woman. Although penetration is not the greatest desire a woman desires in bed, long-lasting erections will interestingly make both of you have a long sex drive.

Is it right that penis inadequacy creates real fear among men? Absolutely yes, it does not only create fear but also low esteem. For this reasons, men are always in the look for various ways to boost size and performance. Some will book an appointment with their doctors to undertake surgical processes which do not promise the best.

But the most relevant thing to know is enlargement technique that has demonstrated reliable results on extending the size and performance of an erect penis. This article discusses into details how male enhancement pills make sex experience a story to tell.

What are Male Enhancement Pills?Male Enhacement Pills

Male enhancement pills are nowadays more popular than ever. They are products that specifically manufactured for the purposes of achieving and maintaining a successive long erection. The truth of the matter is that male enhancement pills are not just for erections purposes but also treat premature ejaculation and boost libido that tends to decreases naturally.

Understanding facts about penis

It is genetically proven that human penis grows during two periods in a lifetime; during infancy to about the age of five years and one year after the initial phase of puberty up to approximately 17 years.  The penis increases proportionally with increasing levels of testosterone at puberty. Other research suggests environmental factors also affect penis growth.

Penis gets naturally aroused depending upon levels of surrounding temperature, what time of the day is, and frequency of having sexual intercourse. Different measurement will be derived from the mentioned scenarios. No matter the measurement, an average penis size is as follows;

  • Length

The average size of a flaccid penis among men is 2.8 to 3.9 inches whereas erected penis size is 4.7 to 6.3 inches. Flaccid and erected penises that are found to be less than 2.8 and 4.7 respectively are categorized in the small size bracket.

  • Girth

The circumference of a penis is more important that length. The circumference of average flaccid penis is 3.5 to 3.9 inches compared to erected penis which is about 4.7 inches.

  • Shape

Every penis is unique in its own way. Some are straight and others are bent to the left or right. Some are big, while others are skinny.

Depending on the category your penis is classified, it is also important to understand how male enhancement pills will work.

How to choose Best Male Enhancement Pills?

Before buying any enhancement product, it upon you to check on the composition of active ingredients and intensively looking for possible prove that they are really worth of. You need further to conduct a comprehensive research so as to find the best product available in the market. Also, it is very important to have medical advice about the ingredients that could be harmful to your health in order to stay put.

What to look for in a Male Enhancement Pills?

In the market you find many male enhancement products, a wise decision is to make a purchase for the particular ones that address your problem. For instance, if you have a low libido such that it becomes almost impossible to maintain your sexual desires, then you should be looking for enhancement pills that boost the mind set of having sex.

Factors to consider when buying Best Male Enhancement Pills

The end-user products should not fail a customer. Here are the factors you should consider before purchasing any products.

  • Effectiveness

How would you know that the product you are buying is effective? You can ask about the product from fellow men that have used it. You can also read testimonial comments from the website the product is selling. Also check the whether it is approved by medical bodies.

  • Availability

You have to know where to get your product from. It can be available from online shop, over the counter or a chemist shop. You can buy the product as long it is prescribed by a technician.

  • Price

The quality of a product determines its price. But it is important to compare the available prices. What matters is that your money counts toward the effectiveness of the product.

  • Safety

Every enhancement pill consumed should be safe. If you don’t know the manufacturer of the pills, visit you doctor for the prescription. Also, check whether the brand you are buying is a reputable one.


Review of Three Male Enlargement Pills

Best Male Enhancement Pills

VigRx Plus Review#

VigRx is the latest type of male enhancement pill helping to achieve sexual health. It is formulated from erection-inducing natural herbals and natural libido enhancers;

Ingredients of VigRx Plus

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract

The Epimedium leaf contains active component ‘icarriin’ that enhance the blood circulation making penis to have a more rigid and bigger erection.VigRx Plus Review

  • Damiana

This plant was used by males hundred years ago for intensifying sexual desires. Today, damiana is used to manufacture VigRx Plus pills due to it long lasting dominance in enhancing penile erection as well as maintaining male orgasm.

  • Ginkgo Leaf

The University of California at San Francisco found ginkgo leaf 84% with depressant erectile dysfunction. It further elaborates that the leaf was found to enhance sexual response including the desire to have sex, excitement, and orgasm. For this reasons, it is used to create more power and erection strength.

  • Ginseng

This is a powerful herb that ensures mindset and the body function. It also helps to open gentile blood vessel for enhanced blood circulation.

  • Cayenne fruit

Cayenne fruit plays a huge role circulation besides its capabilities to treat cardiovascular diseases.

Advantages of using VigRx Pill

  • Its ability to hold long erection builds confidence in men.
  • It gives 100% assurance to harder and big erection.
  • It is 100% side effect free and gives effective results
  • Increased blood flow circulation.
  • Increased sperm production.


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Male Extra Pills Review#

Male extra comes with a combination of natural ingredients that boost the production of nitric oxide which is very essential towards having a firm erection.

Ingredients of Male Extra

  • PomegranateMale Extra Review

Male extra pill contains 500mg of pomegranate 40% fruit. The fruit plays a key role for sexual health.

  • L-Arginine

L-Arginine is amino acid that plays a significant role towards effective generation of nitric oxide that also plays a critical role of opening blood vessels in a penis. This automatically leads to increased blood flow for a firm erection.

  • Creatine

It is a natural substance responsible to distribution of energy to the entire body, particularly the muscle tissues. This ingredient ensures steady energy levels.

  • Methyl sulfonyl methane

The ingredient purpose is to help develop healthy gentile cells.

  • Cordyceps

The ingredient is included in Male Extra pill to improve sexual desires

  • Zinc

Zinc plays an important role in the manufacture of sperms. Since not every male is in a position to have zinc in every meal, Male Extra includes 45g of zinc in every pill.

Advantages of using Male Extra Pills

  • It gives penis extra length and width up to more than 3 inches.
  • Male Extra ingredients help to improve appetite and stamina.
  • It helps to control ejaculation.
  • Orders come with a free enhancement program.


  • Prolonged use of Male Extra than recommended has side effects.
  • It is the most expensive male enhancement pill.

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ProSolution Plus Review#

ProSolution is specifically manufactured for men with premature ejaculation. About 30% of men don’t last long in bed. Men who are taking ProSolution pills has reported 67% increase of erection quality, a 78% sexual satisfaction and 65% improvement involving premature ejaculation.

Ingredients of Pro Solution Plus

  • AsphaltumProSolution Review

This ingredient comes from the wax forming in cracks of Himalayan Mountains. It contains more than 85 minerals and vitamins that increase sex performance

  • Tribulus Terrestris

These herbs have been into practice for many years to improve sexual activities. The herbs contain protodioscin, an active component that enhances sexual performance.

  • Withania Somnifera

Studies has shown that this herb promote blood circulation throughout the body. More blood into the penis makes it firm for lasting erection.

  • Asparagus Adscendens

This herb naturally stimulates testosterone, the male sec hormone responsible for sexual functioning. Its therefore increases ejaculation strength during intercourse.

  • Asteracantha Long folia

This ingredient helps to increase semen volume. It is scientifically evident that the more semen is ejaculated the longer lasting orgasm.

Advantages of using ProSolution pills

  • Best for premature ejaculation.
  • Increased blood flow to the penis.
  • It offers solutions to all set of male sexual problems.
  • Its effectiveness has been confirmed by published results.


  • It is only available online

Don’t let sexual problems drag you down. The only thing you are required to buy any of the three male enhancement pills, nd see the change yourself. The three are the best products available online. But remember consumer preference varies among various products. The choice is yours to make.

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