Is There Ways to Enlarge Penis Size

Is There Ways to Enlarge Penis Size

Is There Ways to Enlarge Penis Size

The effects of a small penis size to a man are very clear. Many people may not what this means but talk to men with a small penis size. There are different effects they undergo as a result of this condition. Some of these effects are long term while others are just short term effects that they suffer.

In some cases, a man is born with a small penis.This is sometimes identified right after birth and they are referred to as micropenis. Such issues may be caused by a number of factors. For someone born with a small penis from birth the most common cause could be genetic malformation that happens as a result of complications in the womb.

To others, they may realize this towards maturity. In normal cases, the penis of a human being starts grow after birth to the age of 5 years. It then starts again towards puberty and continues to the age of 17 years. Once an adult finds out to have a very small penis it might be caused by intake of certain chemicals in the body or lack of certain hormones in the body.


Effects of a Small Penis Size


There are many effects experienced by men that tend to have a small penis size. To some, it is physically small while others are just insecure and think their penis is small. However, here are some of these effects.

  • Low self-esteem. Some feel weak and inferior as a man.
  • Feel neglected especially in marriages. To some men, their marriages may break if their wives cannot be satisfied by their penis size.
  • Psychological effects. As a result of this, many suffer from emotional and psychological problems especially when they compare themselves with other men with supposedly large penis size.


Ways to Enlarge Small Penis Size


Irrespective of what you may be feeling about your penis size, hope is not lost. There are ways that have been invented to help men increase their penis sizes. However, all these methods vary from one to the other and have their own advantages. They include:


  1. Use Of Penile Extenders

These are also known as stretchers. They are devices made to help in the stretching of the penis.The device is fitted in your penis.It is then adjusted such that it slowly stretches your penis to increase the length as well as the thickness.


  1. Stretching By Hand


This is a method that might sound really weird. However, this is the oldest method that has been used by men to enlarge the penis.However, and the method requires a lot of care for safety purposes. Before doing this you should be well informed on what is required.


It is also known as jelqing.One is required to gently stretch the penis 3-5 times in a day. If this is done in the right way and following the instructions, there is increase in size.


  1. Pills


This another method that is used by quite a number of people. Use of pills is known to help in making a penis longer and thicker although can be abit slow. For this method, there are special pills made of special supplements that help in the development of the penis.


These pills should not be confused with those for infertility. Therefore it is important to visit a qualified doctor for instructions before you decide to take any pills.


  1. Surgery


Undergoing surgery is rather a complex and complicated procedure. However, it is considered helpful especially for those with micropenis.


  1. Hydro Pumps

They are devices that mostly use water to increase growth of the penis in that particular location.

Make sure that you consult widely before you decide to take up any of these methods. Some of them may have side effects if not done in the right way.