Male Extra Review

Male Extra Review

Male Extra Review: Male extra is basically formulated for male folks who are interested in enhancing performance. Male extra pills are composed of herbal supplements which increase blood flow in the penis for a longer and harder erection.

Reasons for using male extra

Increased erection strength

The size does matter for everyone. One way you can help maintain your size to achieve endurance is by taking a Male Extra pill.

Increased blood circulation

The ingredients used to formulate Male Extra, particularly L-Arginine and pomegranate boosts the production of nitric oxide which in return increases blood circulation into the genitals.

Enhanced Libido

Most of the men lack libido when they reach 30 and it worsen as time pass by. Male Extra creates strong sexual desires good enough for having sex every night.

Composition of Male extra

Let’s take a look at the primary ingredients of Male Extra

  • L-Arginine– This is the main ingredient in formulation of the pill with a dosage of 600mg per day. It helps to boost the production of nitric oxide which helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane– This mineral ingredient contains minerals that help in the generation of cells and tissues needed for blood flow. Male extra contains 100mg of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
  • Pomegranate- This ingredient contains ‘ellagic acid’ which increases blood flow. It contains 40% of ellagic acid with a dosage of 500mg. it also helps to sustain stamina and reduces fatigue during exercise.
  • Zinc– Lack of zinc in the body can cause decreased testosterones which definitely lead to libido problems and maintaining an erection. Zinc purpose is to outdo this problem. The pill contains 14mg of zinc.
  • Cordyceps- Cordyceps is natural ingredient that was used thousands of years ago by the Chinese to help sex drive and the overall sexual performance. Male Extra contains a dosage of 25mg of Cordyceps
  • L-Methionine– It helps to block the formulation of ‘histamine’ a hormone involved in the erection process. High levels of histamine lead to premature ejaculation. Male extra dosage 100mg of this ingredient.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – Vitamin 3B helps men to have a stamina and good blood circulation. It contains a dosage of 18mg.


How Does Male Extra work?

Pomegranate and L-Arginine basically increase the nitric oxide which enlarges blood vessels in corpora covenosa area of a penis. This function helps to have a larger penis and the ability to control erection during intercourse.

In order to continue benefiting from this, one needs to continue taking Male Extra pills.


How first do male extra work?

Results for using male extra vary between different users, but most of the people start to see results within the first week. Male extra prescription is three pills at once a day. For better results, continue taking male extra dosage each and every day. The longer you take male extra the better results you get.


What happens if you stop using male extra?

Male Extra does not guarantee permanent results. The ingredients contained in Male Extra only give assurance to increased blood flow to your penis, giving you a harder, bigger and stronger erection, as well as boosting sex performance. You will continue enjoying these benefits as long as you take Male Extra.


Male Extra size achievable results

Male Extra customers have reported that their erect penis increased from 0.8-2.6 inches in duration of 3-6 months.  Male Extra’ essential nutrients plays a huge for bigger penis for more intense orgasm as well as boost stamina in bedroom affairs.


Male Extra Side Effects

This product has no side effects but patients with cardiac diseases and high blood pressure should visit doctors for a prescription.

However, when combining Male Extra with other Viagra and other Erectile Dysfunction Meds may result to inducing priapism, or an erection that won’t go away even after a perfect orgasm. This might seem a desirable thing for guys who want to continue pursuing their women.

Things can turn ugly if this rock-hard erection continues for hours. Eventually, this will result to unbearable pain making you have a trip to the doctor. Injecting epinephrine to both side of the penis is the procedure for treatment which is not a pleasant scenario to be in.

Be advisable not to combine Male Extra with Viagra or other prescribed Erectile Dysfunction Meds containing pomegranate. It could over-amplify the enhancement of a penis.


Male Extra Dosage

The prescription for taking Male Extra is quite simple. You take three capsules at the same time before having a meal [preferably breakfast] and of course with plenty of water.


Male Extra Pros

  • Strong and harder erection– Male Extra increases erection hardness by playing a virtual role in increasing blood flow into the penis.
  • 100% natural ingredients– Male Extra natural ingredients solidify its effectiveness to achieve the desired length and girth without any side effects.
  • Increased blood flow into the penis– Many potent ingredients help to increase blood circulation to the penile region which significantly improves sexual performance.
  • High performance during sex– This supplement also helps users to gain more control of erection.


Male Extra Cons

  • The pills are expensive– The monthly cost is a bit higher when compared to other enhancement products. The average cost is $64.95 a month. For long term use of this product, it will cost you hundred of dollars.
  • The pills do not work instantly– It is more of a long term deal. Some men experience very quick result while others take time for improvement.


Who produces Male Extra Pill?

Wolfson Berg Limited is a prominent and trusted company that produces Male Extra pills. All of its products are produced in the FDA-approved facility to avoid scammers and illegal dealers.



If you want high expectations and take your sex performance to the next degree, Male extra is worth exploring. All you have to do is take 3 pills every day with your meals, and you can start feeling the change. Man’s libido and sexual health will eventually be achieved, thanks to Male Extra enhancement pills. After all, women admire men with outstanding sexual performance.