Penis Enlargement Guide for You

To many men the issue of penis size is a big deal. Many feel that they need a better size. Actually there are many men out there looking for ways to increase their penis size. If you are one of them, then penis enlargement guide is Penis Advantagesthe solution to enlarging your penis.

This is a comprehensive penis enlargement guide that will take you step by step on what to do to enlarge your penis within few weeks. This guide is mostly on natural ways of enlarging penis.Most of the tips include exercises, pills and


Exercises to Enlarge Small Penis


There are many exercises you can take from your home to achieve great improvement in the size of your penis within a short time. However, during these exercises, you need to know the right way to do them. This will increase the rate at which you get your results and also prevent injuries. They include:


  1. Kegels


Kegel are exercises that mostly target the pubococcygeus muscle. These are skeletal muscles of the penis that supports erection as well as controlling your orgasm. As a result of Kegel exercises, the PC muscles are strengthened and blood flow increased to the penis which enlarges it.

Here is how to do Kegel;

  • Hold the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • Contract these muscles.
  • Hold it for a while.
  • Then release the contraction and repeat the procedure.


  1. Stretching


They are exercises mostly done to increase the length of the penis.As the penis is stretched, there are breaking of cells. As new cells are formed, the length increases. Make sure you limit the level of stretch to avoid pain and damage.

The directions for the stretches may include:

  • Up and downs which maintains the tension of the shaft.
  • Away from your body to increase the length.
  • To the right and left.
  • You can also combine all of them.


  1. Jelqing


It is meant to increase flow of blood rich in nutrients to the penis.Mostly done when the penis is about 75% erect.

  • Hold your penis at the base using the index and thumb finger to form an ok figure.
  • Slowly move the hand up the shaft while holding the penis in the same way.
  • Do this up to the glans
  • Repeat the procedure again and again.


  1. Compressing


It may sound a little odd but is also an effective method. It helps in increase the girth as it encourages enlargement and growth of penis cells and tissues.

  • Hold your penis using an overhand OK- shaped grip at the base.
  • Do the same with the other hand but now holding the glans gently around where it meets with the shaft.
  • Compress the shaft alone and pull the hands towards each other.
  • Release the pull and repeat the procedure on the shaft.




The penis is an organ made of spongy cells and muscles. Flow of blood into the penis facilitates increase in size during erection.If these cells can have access to more blood then the penis enlarges. The cells are also elastic, growth Penis Advantagesof these cells means increase in your penile size.

Most of the exercises mentioned above target the cells of the penis.Once these cells are subjected to some type of strain or pressure, they expand. Blood also gets it way into the penis increasing the size of the cells.

There are a number of other methods you can use to enlarge your penis.These may include pills, which are made with supplements that also increase blood flow and hormones. Enlargement tools are also used to stretch the penis or extend it to some levels. It is advisable to follow this guide carefully when exercising to avoid injuries.