VigRx plus Reviews

VigRx plus Reviews: VigRx Plus is one of the best men enhancement pills selling over the counter, and if you want to achieve sexual satisfaction, then you will love the convenience of long sex drive brought by this pill. It is made up of natural herb ingredients for increased libido and blood flows into the penis.

VigRx Plus addresses the problem of failing to perform as expected by your partner on the bed. Everyone loves satisfying sex, and for this reason, increased numbers of men lately are buying this enhancement pill for a bigger and harder penis.


Developments of VigRx Plus

  • Enhanced dosing

The user receives the exact quantity of each and every essential ingredient required to make the final VigRx Pill without unwanted side effects.

  • Additional of Bioperine

Bioperine comes from black pepper which increases the absorption of ingredients that make the VigRx plus pill by 30%.


Five main ingredients of VigRx plus

Its effectiveness in increased libido, long erection and staying on power is derived from a combination of ingredient. The five main ingredients which awesomely make VigRx unique are;

  • BioPerine

This comes as an ingredient that was not available in the original formulation of VigRx. It is made from Indian Black pepper fruit and particularly helps in the absorption of potent substance. Further, it’s one of the components which make VigRx Plus giant in the market from competition.

  • Epimedium Leaf Extract

It has active component “Icarriin” that help to increase sex drive. The traditional name of this plant is ‘Horny goat weed’ derived from the increased sexual desires when a goat eats it.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the ancient herbs that help in the production of nitric oxide which plays the key role of enhancing blood circulation into the penis and therefore increased erection strength.

  • Damiana

This is another ancient herb used for intensifying sexual desires. Damiana has shown promising effectiveness for patients with diabetes for solving erection problems.

  • Ginkgo Leaf

This leaf is responsible for lasting sexual desires, excitement and orgasm. It, therefore, increases erection strength.


Apart from these five major ingredients of VigRx plus, it also consists of;

  • Cayenne fruit
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Tribulus Terrestris

Most of these components have been used for a century and proven to be effective in increasing libido, staying power, erection quality, and size. This combination of ingredients forms a potent formulation for invigorating sexual performance.


Clinical Research

VigRx has been clinically studied by researchers and the report published in reputed journals. In one of the studies, VigRx was tested in a group of 75 men in the age bracket of 25 and 50 years over 84 days by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD.

At the end of the period, results were demonstrated as follows

The summary of results is indicated as follows;

  • 63% increase in ability to attain erection
  • 59% increase for penetration
  • 23% increase in quality of orgasm
  • 73% in sexual satisfaction
  • 47% increase for sexual desires.


Does VigRx Plus increase size?

The frequent hard erections as a result of consuming VigRx Plus cause all of the tissues in a penis to expand over a short period of time. You can notice that both flaccid and erect penis to have a noticeable increment after the first month of using VigRx Plus.

For the best results in size increment, you need to combine VigRx Plus with the use of external device, like penis extender. This automatically creates double-whammy effect that progressively show increased size within a few months.


VigRx Plus Side effects

Studies have been done to determine if VigRx have side effects. The researchers found no adverse effects of using this pill natural supplement, essentially showing that it is safe to use as it is effective.


Where to buy VigRx Plus?

The bad news is that VigRx Plus is not available from retail shops. It is available online and you can purchase from official website or legalized dealers. You have to be careful to the growing numbers of counterfeit packages being sold by scammers due to the increasing demand of this product,


VigRx Plus Pros

  • Improves the quality of sexual satisfaction.
  • It offers bigger and harder erections.
  • It is clinically examined product with no side effects.
  • Ingredients are natural and very safe.
  • It boosts confidence and helps to keep long time erections.
  • It helps to increase libido.
  • It helps to increase blood circulation in men’s genitals.

VigRx Plus Cons

The only setback with VigRx pill can be bought online.


VigRx Plus dosage

This pill is taken twice a day with plenty of water (one in the morning and other in the evening). The pill is ideal for men in the bracket of 21-65 years wanting to improve their erection and huge sexual desires for having sex with additional orgasms.



There are many questions arising all over the world due to the ‘size problem’. If all these men want to find a solution to their problems, I would recommend they buy VigRx Plus male enhancement pills. I am so thankful for pharmaceutical companies for taking care of men and improving their formula for male enhancement products.

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